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Belmont Transfer Agreement

“examiner,” one of the principal scientists or researchers referred to in the applicable order of sale of YEASTECH, employed or retained by the buyer and using the biological material or materials for which the corresponding YEASTECH material was purchased by the buyer, as well as his individual assistants for the receipt of YEASTECH material, as used or kept by the buyer and returned to the corresponding YEASASTECH sales order. In order to avoid any doubt, the investigator includes NO biological basic installation or a final deposit for several users or a person employed or retained (in a capacity, including the use of biological material). CC equipment should not be transferred to a multi-user biological base centre or warehouse or project or person. Between the parties, YEASTECH and/or its contributors retain ownership of all rights, properties and shares of biological materials. The buyer retains ownership of: (a) modifications (except that YEASTECH retains, as between the parties, ownership of the YEASTECH material it contains) and (b) substances resulting from the use of biological materials, but which do not contain or constitute biological material. Regardless of the above, the buyer acknowledges and accepts that the biological material is subject to the restrictions outlined above in the “Extended Use” section. The buyer accepts and ensures that the purchaser recognizes YEASTECH and any contributor identified by YEASTECH as a source of biological material in all research, scientific or scientific research and patent applications referring to biological material. If the contributor needs the YEASTECH material, YEASTECH can inform the contributor of the buyer`s identity. The buyer expressly acknowledges that all trademarks are the exclusive property of YEASTECH and the buyer expressly agrees not to use the marks without the prior written consent of YEASTECH. The buyer undertakes to defend YEASTECH and its contributors against all claims, losses, charges and damages of third parties, including reasonable legal fees (cumulative “claims”), resulting from the use, receipt, handling, storage, transfer, disposal and other activities of the buyer, and to keep it unscathed, provided that the buyer`s liability is limited to the extent that such a claim results from the serious negligence of YEASTECH or a gross fault.