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Agreement To Provide Producer Statement

If you are a chartered professional engineer or registry architect, you should use the producer reporting models available on the Engineering NZ website. See the following ENGNZ links on models: A memorandum is similar to a manufacturer`s statement, but it is signed and written by craftsmen for specialized work to confirm that the work they do is consistent with the performance requirements of the NZ-Baugesetz or a building permit. A building permit authority (Council) may use manufacturers` statements or memorandums to recognize construction professionals and certain trades whose design and construction work is or are technically acceptable and in accordance with the provisions of the building permit. The Commission may use a producer`s statement or memorandum as a “reasonable reason” to ensure compliance. It is important that your Council can count on the reliability of these statements and that the authors of the statements have appropriate experience and expertise in their field. Manufacturer`s declarations are signed by a recognized specialist (usually an engineer or architect) who works within the scope of his expertise and skills. The specialist must ensure that the PS is complete and accurate and that they have complied with the requirements of its sector code. Anyone who submits a manufacturer`s statement or memorandum for an alternative to the New Zealand construction code or who designs, installs or tests one of the above systems should become an approved author. Construction officials provide information to the Council on manufacturers` statements. For residential work, licensed construction practitioners (LBP) must present a Work Certificate (CoW) for the technical design of the primary structure (including foundations). It is a good thing to add relevant manufacturer statements to the CoW and make a specific reference to these and other relevant reports (for example.

B, geotechnical reports and/or design feature reports) in the coW reference column. When reviewing the acceptance of a manufacturer`s statement, a board generally evaluates the author`s qualifications to ensure that the person has the necessary experience and expertise in their respective area of expertise and to conduct their own inspections of the construction work. We also recommend using the manufacturer`s statement (if any) as a declaration of the engineer`s opt-out at each stage of the construction process (for example. B construction design, verification and monitoring). Guidelines: The use of manufacturer statements [PDF 56 KB] on the Engineering New Zealand website contains information on what should be included in a manufacturer`s statement. The city council must know when it can count on depositions during the building permit procedure. They must ensure that the contractor`s commitment includes the need to submit the manufacturer`s statement after the completion of the work. A manufacturer`s statement is a professional expertise based on informed judgment and expertise. This is not a product guarantee or a guarantee of compliance. Although manufacturers` statements are well-established and widespread, they do not have a special status under the Construction Act 2004. They are used as a source of information on which the City Council can determine whether there is a reasonable basis for concluding that the work complies with the building code. Currently, there are four types of producer claims, all of which are widely accepted by the Commission.

They are known as: you may need to provide a PS3 (Producer`s Statement – Construction) at the end of some construction projects.