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Rental Agreement Norway

Leases may be entered into on specific or unspecified terms. At the same time, there is a consensus that the free market does not provide enough housing for the poor. In 1998, the government agreed that the government should finance a new non-market rental sector, with the aim of building 50,000 new non-commercial rental units in the largest cities where rents are low and regulated over the next 10 to 15 years. Act 17 of March 26, 1999 on leases (lease). See Law 13 of July 7, 1967 on rent limits. – See previous decree of April 20, 1813, Law 13 of June 25, 1935, Law 5 of June 25, 1936 and Law No. 6 of June 16, 1939 (see section 13-2, last paragraph of this law). In the first place, you need your Norwegian ID that you can reach in at least 10 days after u enter norway and you sign up for the tax is to get a bank account. (u can`t have anything without the nor id. then you`re looking for accommodation, and most of the time they would need a 3 month deposit. You must open a deposit account with the owner (this account can be accessed at any time by someone without permission) and you can then move in.

So get ready to have money. It`s expensive in Oslo. If the amount of rent is not agreed, the landlord may charge rent equal to the usual rent at the time of the contract in connection with the rental of similar property on similar terms. If the parties are unable to agree on the amount of the rent, one of the parties may require that the rent be decided in accordance with the provisions of Section 12-2.Section 3-2. DeadlinesIns there is no other agreement, the landlord may require that the rent be paid in advance for each month or any other agreed due date. The advance payment must not exceed one month. If the rent is due on a Saturday or Sunday, a public holiday or May 1 or 17, the deadline is extended to the next business day. The deadline is also deferred as long as payment is prevented by an interruption of communication or payment transfer services or by other circumstances to be overcome outside the tenant. Section 3-3. Settlement meansThe landlord can manage the transfer of the rent if there are no additional costs or major inconveniences for the tenant.

Nevertheless, the tenant still has the right to pay rent through a financial institution authorized to offer such a service in Norway. The tenant is not obliged to transfer the rent abroad. If the tenant is paid through a financial institution, the payment is deemed to have been made in accordance with the due date rules if: a) the amount was received by a financial institution in Norway or b) a payment order has been received by a financial institution in Norway, provided there is coverage for payment. Section 3-4. Payment of electricity and fuel, etc. If it is agreed that the tenant makes separate contributions to the lessor`s electricity or fuel costs for the property, the tenant may require the landlord to submit an account each year indicating the amount of these costs and their distribution between the units of the property. The same applies when the tenant has to be particularly involved in the landlord`s costs for water and drainage consumption on the land. In the case of real estate with common facilities for the supply of heating or hot water, the majority of two-thirds of tenants may require the installation of a device to measure the consumption of each tenant.