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Remsa Franchise Agreement

REMSA is a high-quality private health organization and emergency medical agency that has operated in northern Nevada since 1986. We are a private, non-profit, community-based organization that is funded only by user fees without local tax subsidies. Through an exclusive franchise agreement, REMSA provides and 24/7 land ambulance services to the 420,000 residents of Washoe County. REMSA includes Care Flight, a regional helicopter, aircraft and ground transport service; Care Flight also operates Care Flight Ground in Plumas County. REMSA offers a licensed post-secondary institution in Nevada, a fully accredited 9-1-1-1 medical communications centre, a tactical emergency medical support team and special events from EMS teams. REMSA and Care Flight are always ready. Launched in 1986, the franchise agreement created REMSA and provided remSA with the authority to oversee Care Flight`s ambulance medical and emergency medical services. Since then, it has been updated, but revisions to the EMS Working Group have made the most innovative changes to the franchise agreement since its inception. The revised franchise agreement would be in effect for 16 years, with the possibility of two six-year extensions if REMSA continues to work in accordance with the requirements of the franchise agreement. The Board of Health has awarded REMSA a new franchise agreement that considers it the sole supplier of ambulances for at least 10 years.

But the hidden detail is that the agreement also increases the shortest response time to “lethal emergencies” to nearly nine minutes, compared to the American Heart Association limit of eight minutes and the explicit wish of emergency physicians for six minutes. And the fine for the delay is $150. Compare that with bills over $1000 per transport. The principles of the agreement constitute a consensus negotiated by the EMS working group on the changes to be included in the existing franchise. It was a process in which all parties negotiated their positions fairly and the principles are a common position that benefits the future of EMS in the region. Alexia Bratiotis Jobson REMSA 775-750-7890 [email protected] Since 1986, REMSA has provided a state-recognized ground rescue service in Washoe County, Nevada.