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Partnership License Agreement

Products may contain features designed to collaborate with third-party applications. “Third-party applications” are local or hosted third-party software applications, with the exception of Prosperoware products. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining access to third-party applications from the relevant vendors. Prosperoware is not liable to you under this Directive and does not grant you refunds, credits or other compensation for errors, delays, shutdown times or non-compliance with Prosperoware Cloud Services caused by the temporary or permanent unavailability of a third-party application, or if you terminate your subscription or license for the third-party application. If you integrate the third-party application with Prosperoware Cloud services, you allow Prosperoware to access partner data (section 5) and confidential information, if it exists, and/or the third-party application, during the subscription period. Prosperoware is not responsible for disclosing, modifying or deleting data from partners that are present in a third-party application or that are caused by a third-party application. Describe how royalties work. What`s paid when? Does the property remain the original owner for the duration of the licence? What will happen if the minimum turnover is not met? Is there an advance on royalties? Open License is a transaction agreement for commercial, governmental, academic and not-for-profit organizations. Software Assurance is optional. The term “licence” has two meanings: one in general terms (for example. B driver`s license) and the other in the economy and commerce. A licence in the broadest sense is “the authorization of an authority to own or use something.” Do your due diligence before the agreement.