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Diamond Agreement Qatar Executive

To join the program, customers must purchase at least 50 hours of flight time. Each agreement is tailored to the travel needs and travel needs of the customer concerned. All-inclusive fares and fixed timetables cover both flight and taxi hours. Mark Hardman, current chairman of the board of qatar Airways` subsidiary, says the system, called the Diamond Agreement, allows customers to buy back fixed-rate flight time on their 18 large-cabin, long-haul and ultra-long-haul business jets. “The Diamond Agreement offers the ultimate flexibility at a fixed price with any agreement tailored to the needs of customers,” says Hardman. “In these unprecedented times, travel needs often change and, as such, our customers can count on us for a bespoke service where unused hours are reimbursed at any time.” Hardman says Qatar`s executive was “very busy” in the early weeks of the pandemic, after global demand for return flights was huge. While the market slowed in April and May, “green shoots began to emerge” in June, with an increasing number of applications coming mainly from European and Asian customers. Diamond Agreement pre-purchased hours have no minimum annual usage and no maximum transfer, which gives the program a lot of flexibility. Qatar Executive customers are available for bookings already booked 72 hours in advance. The program also offers other discounts for longer line bookings and scheduled flights in a matter of days. “No two customers are equal, so there are no two equal programs,” Hardman says, adding that even “on prior request, the airline can facilitate smoking on board.

Basically, everything is tailored to the customer`s needs. Mark Hardman, Executive Vice President of Acting of Qatar Executive, said: “We are very pleased to launch our custom diamond agreement, tailored to the precise travel profile of corporate and individual customers. The program offers the greatest flexibility at a fixed price. In addition, we understand that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, customers are looking for versatile, quality services from a serious and financially secure operator. The all-inclusive hourly rate is guaranteed with availability (for a 72-hour pre-registration) with no minimum annual blackout dates or usage, as well as an unlimited transfer of hours from one year to the next. This comes as such an announcement – you say “Flat Hourly Rate,” but not really the open cost! “In Australia and a, the biggest destinations are the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Indonesia and Singapore,” Hardman said.