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Che cos’era Wikileaks

Leggete questo articolo. È il racconto di un membro dello staff di Wikileaks che ha lasciato definitivamente l’organizzazione venerdì, ieri, dopo la decisione di Assange di pubblicare tutti i cable in versione integrale. Leggetelo, non è lungo. Racconta chi erano certi soci di Assange, in mano a chi finivano dati delicatissimi e con quali conseguenze. Un invasato e certi amici suoi hanno rovinato una grande idea e fatto grossi danni. Leggete questo articolo.

So I decided to grit my teeth and carry on. Dismay mounted, however, with the arrival of Israel Shamir, a self-styled Russian “peace campaigner” with a long history of antisemitic writing. Shamir was introduced to the team under the pseudonym Adam, and it was only several weeks after he had left – with a huge cache of unredacted cables – that most of us started to find out who he was.

Press enquiries started to trickle in. A little research revealed his unsavoury history, but I was told Julian would be unwilling for WikiLeaks to publish anything critical of Shamir. Instead, shamefully, we put out a statement simply distancing WikiLeaks from him.

There followed even more damning allegations. Shamir had been seen leaving the interior ministry of Belarus, an eastern European dictatorship.

The next day, the country’s dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, boasted he would start a Belarusian WikiLeaks showing the US was funding his political rivals.

Scores of arrests of opposition activists followed the country’s elections – but Shamir wrote a piece painting an idyllic picture of free, fair, elections in a happy country.

Human rights groups demanded answers, amid fears that Belarus may have received material from the cables. No answers were supplied. Julian would not look into the matter.