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“So sounds like I was impressed?”

Josh Marshall di Talking Points Memo ha avuto la possibilità di conoscere Jon Huntsman e fargli un paio di domande, ed è rimasto impressionato.

The Obama folks are right to hope he doesn’t get near the nomination. Because I think he’d be a formidable challenger in an economic climate as bad as the one we’re in. At this point most base Republicans would probably vote for one of Obama’s Kenyan 3rd cousins over Obama. So any nominee will have those folks banked. And Huntsman would appeal to moderates and Democrats far better than Perry or I think Romney. Setting aside looks and atmospherics, he’s just clearly a very knowledgable guy. So sounds like I was impressed? Yeah, I was. […] The other big impression I had is that Huntsman is only a moderate relative to the extreme right-wing turn of the current Republican party. And this is not a high bar. His views on economic policy are firmly to the right, just not nuts.