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Il migliore amico di Murdoch

Se tutta la storia del News of the World vi ha interessato e vi piacerebbe sapere qualcosa in più di come funziona l’impero editoriale di Rupert Murdoch, è molto consigliata la lettura di questo articolo di Ken Auletta pubblicato su un numero del New Yorker dello scorso aprile. Racconta del rapporto tra Rupert Murdoch e Robert Thomson, giornalista australiano, direttore del Wall Street Journal (e già direttore del Times e capo del Financial Times negli Stati Uniti).

Robert Thomson, the managing editor of the Wall Street Journal, is perhaps Rupert Murdoch’s only close friend. The two men are both from Australia, are married to Chinese women, and were born (thirty years apart) on the same day. They are also both raising their children Catholic, and Murdoch is godfather to Thomson’s nine- and eleven-year-old sons. Thomson was born in rural Torrumbarry. The oldest of three boys, he was five when the family moved to Melbourne. He attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology while working at the Herald. In the eighties, he began working for the Sydney Morning Herald, and before long he was sent to Beijing, where he started writing for the Financial Times. He married Ping Wang, the daughter of a general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, in 1992. In 1994, Thomson was named foreign-news editor of the Financial Times, and moved to London. Four years later, Thomson moved to New York and became the U.S. managing editor of the Financial Times. While in New York, Thomson got to know Murdoch, and, in March of 2002, Murdoch hired him as the editor of the Times of London. When Murdoch acquired the Wall Street Journal, in 2007, he appointed Thomson the publisher of both the Journal and the Dow Jones Newswires. To attack what he labeled “a culture of complacency,” Thomson lopped off fifty editorial and reporting positions, but announced that the paper and Dow Jones Newswires would hire ninety-five additional journalists.