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links for 2010-12-15

  • "Richard Holbrooke was also probably the greatest diplomat of his generation. […] Holbrooke may have been the last American diplomat to get a standing ovation. It's difficult to imagine there will be many more like him". 
  • Holbrooke visto da chi ha lavorato con lui
  • Adriano Sofri racconta l’uomo della “pace di Dayton”
  • "In 1998 the US fired cruise missiles at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan to try to decapitate the group after it bombed two US embassies in Africa. The US knew about bin Laden and the whereabouts of his camps because, according to Steve Coll's Ghost Wars, "the National Security Agency had tapped into bin Laden's satellite telephone and kept track of his international conversations." After the missile strike, according to the 9/11 Commission Report, a prominent newspaper revealed the US' knowledge about bin Laden's phone. As a result, "al Qaeda's senior leadership … stopped using [the satellite phones] almost immediately. … This made it much more difficult for the National Security Agency to intercept his conversations." US intelligence lost its most valuable source for tracking the world's most dangerous terrorist. I make this point now in response to those who believe the protection of classified information is unjust. That is simply not true"