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links for 2010-04-21

  • E' lungo: ve lo stampate e ve lo leggete con calma in treno o a letto o in bagno o dove vi pare.
  • "Just when the Double Down caused you to lose all hope in fast food, Burger King is restoring your faith with a new, classy brunch menu. Yes, you just read the words “Burger King” and “brunch” in the same sentence. Highlights of the menu, currently being tested in Massachusetts, Florida, and Canada, courtesy of Burger Business: Mimosas: Yes, mimosas. At Burger King. Of course, they’re not alcoholic, so the champagne is replaced by Sprite. OJ and Sprite in the morning! Yum!
    BK Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich: It involves ciabatta, so it must be sophisticated. Plus, in case you were concerned that your brunch might be too healthy, it includes both ham and bacon.
    Whopper: It wouldn’t be brunch if it only involved breakfast items, so BK is making its staple sandwich available in the morning. OJ and Sprite and a burger in the morning! Yum!"