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links for 2010-03-28

  • "The collapse of the Oslo peace process, combined with the unilateral Israeli pullouts from Lebanon and Gaza — which were followed not by peace but by rocket attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas on Israel — decimated Israel’s peace camp and the political parties aligned with it. At the same time, Israel’s erecting of a wall around the West Bank to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers from entering Israel (there have been no successful attacks since 2006), along with the rise of the high-tech industry in Israel has meant that even without peace, Israel can enjoy a very peaceful existence and a rising standard of living. […] Consciously or unconsciously, a lot more Israelis seem to believe they really can have it all: a Jewish state, a democratic state and a state in all of the Land of Israel, including the West Bank — and peace".
  • "stamattina che c’era un granpremio che partiva alle otto [che sarebbero le sette] e che magari la gente se lo videoregistrava, la rai a dieci minuti dalla fine lo ha spostato sul due per mandare in onda il papa".