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Andata anche per il reconciliation bill, che adesso va al senato. Obama non firmerà la legge stasera e c’è tutta una discussione in corso su quale sia il momento migliore, se ora o dopo il passaggio del reconciliation bill al senato.

After more than a year of fighting for the measure, his top legislative priority, Mr. Obama will no doubt want to have an elaborate, high-profile signing ceremony at the White House — a kind of legislative victory lap. But he’s in an awkwawrd spot. Mr. Obama must sign the bill into law for the Senate to take up a package of changes to it under the budget procedure known as reconciliation. But if he holds a big signing ceremony right away, Mr. Obama will be celebrating a bill that he himself says is in need of improvement. […] Alternatively, Mr. Obama could sign the bill quickly and quietly, with little fanfare. But if you had worked as hard as Mr. Obama has for passage of the health overhaul, wouldn’t you want to throw a big party when it was all over? If Mr. Obama puts off his big bill signing celebration and the Senate fails to pass the reconciliation measure, he will have lost his opportunity for the victory lap. And if Republicans succeed in forcing the Senate to alter the reconciliation measure, that bill could get sent back to the House for more work, and the signing ceremony could get caught up in the messy legislative process.

Ne sapremo qualcosa in più gia domani, intanto tra poco Obama dovrebbe parlare dalla East Room della Casa Bianca.