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Magre consolazioni

Qualche giorno fa sul New York Times Roger Cohen ha approfittato della sua movimentata esperienza all’aeroporto di Firenze per raccontare qualcosa dell’Italia, e dell’idea disincantata, sufficiente, stereotipata e tuttavia poco distante dalla realtà che molti stranieri hanno del nostro paese.

I actually got nostalgic for U.S. air travel. I did. It felt weird, like pining for root-canal treatment, and it happened right here in the city of Michelangelo. Don’t get me wrong. I love Italy. I lived here for a while and learned how beauty is the consolation of every past empire. I learned how style can be deployed as a shield against disappointment. I learned that change can be overrated. […] Perhaps you can’t keep food like that and get jet bridges. Life’s a trade-off. Italy long ago made its choices. As the bumper sticker says, “Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

(grazie a Marco)