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links for 2010-03-11

  • "Variety is reporting what has been whispered around the TV business for a while: this will be the final season for 24 on Fox. The show has been losing viewers and critical acclaim for a while, and it's expensive to produce; after eight seasons, there's apparently not enough upside. This may not be the end of Jack Bauer entirely; there's a lot of talk of trying to relaunch 24 as a movie franchise. But it's symbolic of one thing: for big-network TV dramas, the '00s are emphatically over".
  • I complotti lunari smontati uno per uno. E' disponibile anche in pdf, gratis
  • Un utile e completo compendio dei fattori in ballo, quelli che potrebbero portare a un'approvazione definitiva della riforma sanitaria e quelli che invece premono per un suo naufragio, altrettanto definitivo.