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links for 2010-02-17

  • "The notion of a government run based on bi-partisan cooperation among moderates is a fictional fairyland that never existed in the first place, and split-party governance is hardly better. Since the 1968, two-thirds of the time we’ve had divided government, which seems to be what moderates crave. This is also the same period that pundits lament has been characterized by non-solutions to intractable problems, a state of affairs for which each party points the finger at the other. Which brings me to my point: From a representation and government accountability standpoint, party government— even very ideological party government—has its value. Whether you think rule under Bush and the Republican Congress last decade was the best or worst thing to happen to America, at least you know who was responsible for it. And whether you like the direction Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress are taking the country now, again, you know who is in charge. Elections have consequences".