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links for 2010-01-21

  • Le date delle primarie stato per stato in vista delle elezioni di metà mandato, a novembre
  • "Oggi sul Fatto quotidiano c’è una piccola lettera un po’ nascosta a pagina cinque firmata dal direttore dell’Ufficio stampa e comunicazione della Presidenza della Repubblica (Pasquale Cascella)…"
  • "If the most-doomsaying Democrats are right about the special election in Massachusetts—that it means the end of health care reform and much of the liberal agenda generally—then Barack Obama may turn into something he never wanted or expected to be: a foreign-policy president. External factors are pushing him farther in this direction than he'd like in any case. But the frustrations of domestic politics make the immersion into foreign affairs look like an alluring prospect. Bill Clinton entered the White House with so little interest in matters beyond the water's edge that he ended the CIA's daily presidential briefings and instructed his national security adviser, Anthony Lake, to keep those issues as far away from the Oval Office as possible. But after his own health-care disaster, and as foreign crises piled up and required his attention, he suddenly took great interest and handled them with increasing skill".
  • "My preference is that House Democrats pass the Senate bill and then run their fixes through the reconciliation process. But I think there is an argument that the current health-care bill has been terribly compromised by the months of controversy, the shady deal with Ben Nelson, the ambivalence of key legislators, the endless meetings with industry players, the wasted time, and the collective freak-out of congressional Democrats in the aftermath of Scott Brown's election. There is another option. […] Democrats have a couple of different options for passing health-care reform this year. But not passing health-care reform should not be seen as one of them".
  • "La Cisl ha fatto sapere che il discorso è troppo vago, servono contenuti precisi, certe cose non s’improvvisano: «È inutile parlare alla pancia degli immigrati». La Uil ha risposto con un no secco: «Gli italiani non capirebbero questo tipo di sciopero». La Cgil ha preso atto, tergiversato, con generici vediamo".