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links for 2009-09-19

  • La solita fantastica galleria fotografica
  • "Has there ever been a better example of the cynical manipulation by repressive Muslim governments of the Palestinian cause than what we are witnessing today in Iran? The regime was hoping for a day of good old-fashioned Jew-bashing on behalf of the Palestinians, a group of Sunni Muslims the average Iranian cares about not one whit. Instead, the pro-Palestinian demonstrations have turned into anti-regime protests, some of which have brought about a violent response. The people of Iran seem not to care about Sheikh Nasrallah, or Hamas, or whether Auschwitz actually existed (I'm fairly sure that most Iranians, unlike their deranged president, actually acknowledge the Holocaust as an historical fact). They care that they're government beats them and tortures them and denies them their basic rights, and no amount of anti-Semitism will change their minds".