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links for 2009-08-13

  • A Trieste è stato istituito un «registro dei materassi per terra», cioè un elenco dei detenuti che, a rotazione, dormono per terra.
  • " is a BitTorrent site that allows you to publish and earn on your contents in a legal,easy and direct way".
  • "Some cash-strapped states have reduced the number of meals they serve to prisoners from three to two a day. So the idea of making crooks, especially white-collar ones, pay their way could take off. But others say it would be a mistake. Jail-birds often receive high fines, and adding to their debt might just encourage more crime. According to Sara Totonchi of the Southern Centre for Human Rights, an organisation that fought the Georgia bill, it could also burden convicts’ families by making them financially responsible for their relative’s jail-time. And that might breed yet more trouble".