Francesco CostaWhen in trouble, go big

Francesco Costa

When in trouble, go big


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Seeing how our president has about a 70 percent approval rating, can we maybe, at this late date in our country’s long and rocky racial history, allow ourselves a little sense of humor and some common sense when it comes to race? Jon Stewart didn’t get fired when he asked Barack Obama if he planned to enslave white people. Why? Because he was obviously kidding. Context is key. I accuse my white husband of racism if he won’t bring me a Diet Coke while I’m watching “Stealing Lincoln’s Body”; no one takes offense. And my co-workers get that when I accuse them of racism for never giving their BlackBerrys a rest that I’m pulling their leg. Come to think of it, some of them get a little uncomfortable when I do that. I should never mention BlackBerrys again.

Stando a quel che dice Newsweek, i giornalisti americani quando parlano di Obama hanno da tempo il terrore di dire qualcosa di sbagliato e apparire razzisti, e questo starebbe creando diversi problemi

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