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Barack Santos (o Matthew Obama)

Here’s Santos on the campaign trail: “In a time of global chaos and instability, where our faiths collide as often as our weapons, hope is real . . . I am sure I will have my share of false starts. But there is no such thing as false hope. There is only hope.”
How is this happening? Is politics so predictable, even in what some call the most unpredictable campaign ever? Or were the writers of “The West Wing” just that insightful? Turns out, it’s a little of both.

Ma secondo voi, lo stratega dell’uomo politico oggi più in vista del pianeta, potrebbe mai aver preso ampiamente spunto per il suo lavoro da una serie televisiva? Se la serie televisiva è West Wing, .

David Axelrod exchanged e-mails for a year with Attie as the Santos character was developed and written. Santos was Attie’s project, but Obama was Axelrod’s project. So, to what degree did “The West Wing” create a test market for a minority candidate? By campaigning to have his guy portrayed in a network hit, did Axelrod soften up millions of Americans for the task of electing the first minority president?

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